Daily and Weekly Homework 

Each day your student is expected to read 20 minutes, play outside 20 minutes, and make their bed.

On the weekly newsletter/homework packet, there is a place to record their minutes read, played outside, and whether or not they made their bed. 


Math Teaching Pages

Most math lessons will end with your students practicing a problem from the lesson. Their responsibility is to then go home and teach a member of their family (preferably someone who will understand the concept) and then have that family member practice as well. Below is a link to download the PDF. 


Spelling and Vocabulary 

In 5th grade, we focus on greek and latin roots to enhance our spelling, and vocabulary. Each week students are assigned 20 words to practice, 10 regular words and 10 bonus words, students will be tested weekly on these words. We will also assign 4-5 content specific Vocabulary words weekly. 


Projets and events 

Every once in a while, students will be assigned projects to do at home to enhance what we have learned in the classroom. For example, students will be assigned to make a marionette of their assigned explorer, and make a script to perform at a marionette show. You can also find PDF's to permission slips and other needs.